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Nordic Showcase

Since 2015, the Nordic Showcase has highlighted the most promising early-stage companies in all five Nordic countries and Estonia. 

We don’t exaggerate when we say that we know who the future Nordic success stories are. Don’t believe us? There might be a change of heart after hearing that we had had Kahoot and Bolt on our stages when they both were still early-stage startups. 

This year, we are bringing the Nordic Showcase back, bigger than it has ever been before. We will be highlighting twelve companies in total, two from each of the countries of the North. 



Here are a few examples of companies that we have highlighted earlier:



Swedish Algae Factory, funding 8,3M 

A Swedish startup producing materials from algae replacing the harmful and less efficient chemicals in solar panels and high-end organic personal care while cleaning the ocean. What’s more? They raised a new round of funding in the spring of 2020!



Veriff, funding 92M

Coming from Estonia, Veriff offers AI-powered identity verification and KYC solution without compromising compliance or identity fraud prevention. The company cannot even be called a startup anymore as they raised their Series B from Accel and IVP just this spring.



Bolt, then Taxify, funding 1,3B

The Estonian ride-sharing company is the newest Nordic Unicorn, having raised their 600M Series E from Sequoia Capital only a month ago! Bolt is the perfect example of a company taking off after Slush.


Come and see this year’s speakers on stage on Day 2 of Slush! We promise you’ll get cold shivers after seeing this year’s companies present. Nordic Showcase is THE place to see a pitch from a company that may not know it yet but may be the next Nordic success story.