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Matchmaking is Open

You are connected to everyone on earth by just 4 degrees. At Slush, connecting with the 25,000 changemakers requires only one step. With our Matchmaking Tool, you’ll make sure not to miss out on the potential of this crowd.

Slush gathers together 25,000 attendees, including 4,000 startups, 2,000 investors, 700 journalists and a huge mix of business executives, researchers, students and other people in tech. Making sure you meet just the right people and don’t miss out on anything amazing might be a hard task.

Matchmaking by Slush is an in-house built tool to help out with the challenge. The tool allows you to discover Slush visitors, book meetings with them and chat with them.

The meetings will be held once again at the Slush Meeting Area that hosts over 300 meetings simultaneously. In addition, two Meeting Points at the venue and one in the Helsinki city serve as additional meeting spots.

To ease up the use of Matchmaking, we created an instructional video in collaboration with a previous Slush 100 Finalist AdLaunch.


What’s new this year?


New design – simple and easy to use

We have worked hard to make the tool delightful to use. We have implemented a completely renewed design, removing all unnecessary elements and focusing on the core, people meeting each other.

Smart filters – enabling swiftness

Filters might be confusing to use, at least when you are dealing with many. Thus we have created a one-click smart filter that toggles the right filters for you based on your interests, making discovering the right people fast and simple.

Delegating company meetings – ensuring reaction on requests

Many of our guests get huge amounts of meeting requests, and going through them one-by-one can be a heavy chore. We have heard the feedback – now it is possible to share the work with a colleague or partner. To ensure that you won’t leave any stone unturned we have made it easy to assign meeting requests to specific people inside your company. Make sure to add your colleagues in your company profile and share the work with them.



Casual meetings allowed


Not coming for business? You can also request “casual meetings” to just meet people for an interesting conversation in the middle of the Slush frenzy.

Last year, over 70% of the people in Matchmaking were open for casual meetings, meaning that they were down for grabbing a coffee, lunch, or whatnot, instead of strictly businesslike meetups. Casual meetings are a good chance to expand your networks in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Looking for advice or mentoring? You can browse people based on their expertise and request a meeting to share thoughts. Or maybe it’s you who’s got a skill to share? About the time you passed your knowledge on.

Interested? Here’s how to get down to business:


  • Visit the Ticket Shop and get yourself a Slush Pass.
  • Assign your Pass to yourself – please use the email you’ve logged in with.
  • Fill your Matchmaking profile – this is what others will see about you, so make it stand out!
  • Start browsing, utilize the filters.
  • When sending meeting requests, remember to explain clearly why you want to meet the other person.
  • Act fast! From our experience, the Meeting Area gets packed fairly quickly.


That’s all from us, now it’s time to pass it to you. Create your Matchmaking profile, start browsing and make the most out of your Slush experience.

We’d love to hear your feedback – don’t hesitate to drop us a line to [email protected]!