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Infobip joins Slush to back startup growth globally

Slush is joining forces with Infobip, the global leader in omnichannel communication.

Slush has partnered with Infobip to accelerate founder progress through Infobip’s services, expertise, and Startup Tribe program. For long, Infobip has recognized Slush as the go-to place for Founders and ecosystem players, and now finally, they are joining forces to fuel the ecosystem together.

Startups, investors, and corporates have been congregating in Helsinki for over a decade in what has been the perfect way of among and between all the relevant stakeholders. Like Slush, Infobip is all about communication and connecting people with whom and what they need. As a leader in omnichannel communication, the Croatia-born, now global unicorn is a perfect fit for engaging with the audiences in full confidence of sharing all values with the ethos of Slush itself. 

Infobip has bootstrapped its way to a unicorn, has in that process expanded to 70+ offices globally, and is now employing over 3000 people. This has not been an effortless feat; it has happened through rough seas, the hard grind of the early years, unstoppable growth, and product vision. Despite all odds, creating, sharing, and realizing an image is the ultimate startup and innovation paradigm, and Infobip is such a story. Now they recognized Slush as the place to launch their initiative to become a pivotal point for startups around the globe – the Infobip Startup Tribe. The general idea is to help startups with all communication and let them focus on what they do best – the problems they are solving. Moreover, Infobip sees Slush as an opportunity to remain true to its core mantra of humble engineers and building on their developer fundamentals to become a unique developer-first company. 


”We are excited to join forces with Infobip for two reasons in particular. Firstly, we share the same goal of offering help and hands-on advice to the startup community. Many founders come to Slush to get the kind of peer support you wouldn’t experience elsewhere. Secondly, Infobip has an insane reach that startups can utilize, and it makes us proud to be recognized as the place where they want to showcase that.” 

 Miika Huttunen, CEO, Slush


“We have started as engineers and developers from the very beginning, and we believe that they are core to all innovation, startups, and future technology. For this reason, we are extremely excited for this partnership with Slush that has profiled itself into a leading global tech event. We are not here just to tell our story and present our products, but we are here to go beyond and engage with everyone revolving around startups and define the future of all communications and how we think of it.”

Silvio Kutic, CEO, Infobip