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Uute Scientific

Uute has patent pending ingredient for consumer good to reduce probability of getting e.g. type 1 diabetes and other so-called immune-mediated diseases.

Diabetes 1 and other so-called immune-mediated diseases are increasing due to urbanization and people moving away from nature’s healthy microbiome. We have extracted from nature a patent-pending cocktail of microbes, unique in richness and diversity and it is scientifically proven to modify your microbiome and consequently reduce the probability of getting such diseases. The first product will be coming to the market on 15.10.2020

Pitch deck

Our story

Our vision is a world without immune-mediated diseases. The name is strange to most people, but all people know persons that has allergy, asthma, diabetes 1, or one of more than 100 such diseases. Research started in 2015 to understand the connection of such diseases and modern way of living in Universities in Tampere and Helsinki. Patent was filed in 2016 and team put together and company founded in 2019. The first products to reconnect people with the nature are available in October 2020.

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Kari Sinivuori