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Back to HIS pavilion aims to help people harness the power of spectral imaging by enabling mobile phones and normal cameras to see the world in more detail. is working to bring color measurement and hyperspectral imaging applications to the smartphone. is developing a user-friendly, portable and affordable smartphone-based color measurement device for accurate color communication. Helping design professionals and prosumers perform accurate color measurements, color matching and quality control for paint, textiles, flooring, and even home décor, etc.

An understanding of color allows for better color harmony and easier incorporation of digital color values into projects – saving time and money for professionals working with color. And find inspiration from the world and their surroundings.

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Our story is a University of Helsinki research project developing add-on devices and advanced AI-algorithms that convert normal images into hyperspectral images. We are planning on forming a spinoff in early 2021 to continue the development of innovative smartphone applications and hyperspectral imaging solutions.

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Ville Kurri