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Finnish Education is well recognized and very desirable around the world.

HEI Schools offers an easy-to-implement Finnish early education model for local preschool owners around the world. The service is an easy-to-implement licensing model or digital subscription model. The company is co-founded and backed with the academics from the University of Helsinki.

HEI Schools offers a detailed, research-based Finnish curriculum program, teacher training and mentoring, space design concept, learning materials, operational support and marketing materials, all packaged under well-designed HEI Schools brand.

The local early education operators can choose to operate as premium HEI Schools branded centers (annual license fee, strong case specific support) or with their own local brand and concept (more affordable monthly subscription fee, digital-only support).

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Our story

HEI Schools was founded together with the University of Helsinki, to offer the desirable, research-based Finnish education model outside of Finland. From the very beginning, we decided to work directly with local partners who know their market and regulation on operative level and focus in offering high-quality early education content on easy-to-use platforms.

Today HEI Schools have 11 early education centers open and 20 more in preparation phase around the world: in China, Australia, Korea, Argentina, Indonesia, Egypt, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Mongolia, Canada and Finland. All centers are operated by local school owners. HEI Schools is a global community, “HEI Family”, for more than 2000 education enthusiasts globally: +600 children, +100 teachers, +1500 parents and grand parents and +50 business owners.

We believe, that every child has the profound right to grow and learn in a stress-free environment that brings joy. Finnish education model is promoting the power of great teachers and our mission is to bring high quality early education available for as many children and families around the world as possible.

Our vision is to be the “Ikea of schools”: World class design & concept accessible location and pricing wise for as many families as Ikea is.


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