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FreshPack is a commercialization project stemming from scientific research by the Department of Food and Nutrition at the University of Helsinki. We have developed an active packaging component that slows down the natural ripening process of fresh fruits and berries and prevents the growth of harmful microbes. Owing to the dual effect, our technology can have a stronger effect in selected products than the competing solutions, typically with a single effect. Our active component can be integrated into packaging within the existing industrial processes. The technology is bio-based and suitable for plastic and fiber-based packaging.


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Our story

Freshpack technology was invented when three scientists in Food and Material Sciences at the University of Helsinki came together and combined the latest research findings and their bio-based material expertise. The team was driven by three major trends and global challenge: growing demand for fresh fruits, vegetables and berries; need for renewable food packaging; and the massive global food waste problem. Aiming for a solution to improve the quality and shelf-life of fresh fruits, vegetables and berries, a prototype of a novel bio based and active packaging solution was created. Not before long, the commercial potential of the technology was identified and the patenting process commenced. Facilitated by HiLife POC funding, and Business Finland Research to Business funding, the science behind the concept is now well established, a dedicated team is in place and Freshpack is on the route for commercialisation.

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Emmi Korjus