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Dalan Animal Health

Dalan is developing vaccines for honeybees - we are pioneering innovative solutions in pollinator health to promote sustainable agriculture.

Worldwide the commercial beekeeping industry is a multi-billion dollar market. California almond growers alone pay $500M each year for pollination services to generate maximum yield. Millions of hives are lost each year with diseases being a major component. Currently the beekeeping industry worldwide has no prophylactic solutions to protect the hives from disease. This exposes both growers and beekeepers to millions of dollars of losses each year. Dalan’s easy to use oral immunization strategy for honeybees is the only prophylactic solution for the industry.

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Our story

Dalan Animal Health is clinical stage company, developing breakthrough vaccines for honeybees to protect this important pollinator from devastating diseases. We are unique in the space and are the leaders in insect vaccination. We are paving the way for this new animal health sector and offer innovative solutions to ensure safe food supply for the future.


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Annette Kleiser