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Four Reasons to Join Slush 2021 as an Investor

Wondering if the trip to slushy and dark Helsinki in December is actually worth it? We wanted to help you to make the right decision – See my four main reasons you should definitely join Slush this year.

1. Meet with founders in person (finally)

Our state-of-the-art Matchmaking Tool (hold on, it’s opening later) allows you to screen and meet face-to-face with 3,200 startup founders and operators effortlessly and efficiently. At no other gathering in Europe will you find the same critical mass of people you absolutely have to meet.

Additionally, our downloadable startup data set will provide you with more than 40 data points on each startup in attendance – helping you quickly and efficiently compare all the 2000 young ventures at Slush and make informed decisions on whom to meet.

“I can pack a month’s worth of meetings into two days” – Tom Hulme, General Partner at Google Ventures


the exit of a Slush meeting area

2. All of your peers under one roof

Welcome to Europe’s largest gathering of VC – we assemble 1,500 of the most influential investors from all corners of the world. See the funds joining Slush 2021 here!

What’s more, Investor Day is back! Held on November 30, this event is a networking opportunity not to miss in 2021. Join to discuss dealflow, catch up with peers, and meet the most interesting individuals in venture. Secure your place by applying for an Investor Pass.

​​“It’s all about the community, which makes it insanely powerful.” – Peter Vesterbacka


slush investor day sign

3. Discussion that takes the ecosystem forward

Investors and founders who have shaped the world will be on our stages. At Slush, you can forget the usual stage platitudes, as our speakers are intensely concentrated on discussing how to solve problems faced by investors and their portfolio founders.

Just to name a few, you’ll hear from iPod and iPhone Inventor, Principal at Future Shape, Tony Fadell, Sequoia’s first partner in Europe, Luciana Lixandru, Founder of Northvolt, Peter Carlsson, and many more. Check out our first 32 speakers here!


lights hanging from the ceiling at a slush event

4. Making an impactful investment? We got you covered.

Hundreds of journalists from leading technology and business outlets will come to Slush 2021 to write about investments shaping the world. Slush will be the place for you to tell your story, as the likes of Sifted, TechCrunch, and Forbes have covered investments made at Slush.

“One of the best entrepreneurship conferences in the world.” –


Still not convinced? Shoot me a message at [email protected] and I’ll help you make the right choice. – Juha