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Founders Day 2021

Stepping into an untouched car, you can see the streets of Italy through the windshield. The surfaces gleam, and you admire the control panels. You take off your VR headset at the Varjo office in Helsinki. The Founders Day Scaleup Tour continues to the office of Finnish satellite company, ICEYE, where you’ll catch a glimpse of the scaleup’s newest projects.


Founders Day is the largest founders-only gathering in Europe, happening on Day 0 of Slush. Founders travel around Helsinki to meet potential investors and the founders of the most successful Finnish scaleups at their very own offices. Once the sun has set over Helsinki (well, actually that happens much sooner, but it fit in nicely), the crowd comes together for Founders Cocktails, a networking event hosted by Molten Ventures. 


Founders Day 2021: The Rundown

This year, Founders Day begins with three renowned Finnish scaleups: Varjo, ICEYE, and Supermetrics. At each office, the hosting scaleup shares how it cracked a specific, tangible aspect of building a world-changing company. Afterward, there’s time for networking. 

Following the Scaleup Tour, participants move to the Founders Cocktails at Valkoinen Sali, the heart of Helsinki. The best part? All your peers under one roof. The second best? The who’s who of European early-stage investors are also there to mix and mingle. 450 founders are joined by some 50 VC & partner representatives. As the on-stage program comes to an end, the DJ takes the stage, food is served, and the bar is open until 11 pm. 

Founder Day offers an opportunity founders hardly ever get in their hectic day-to-day lives – the chance to gather under the same roof with hundreds of peers, where the ways of networking, connecting, and learning are endless. Entrepreneurs are able to discuss practical challenges in a relaxed and interactive setting and network with the founders of the companies that have made the Finnish ecosystem what it is today.  

Thank you to our Main Partners for Founders Day, Molten Ventures and AWS, our Supporting Partner, Helsinki Partners, and Community Partners, ICEYE, Supermetrics, and Varjo for making this event possible!

Main Partners

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