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Yesterday a whole day of pitching culminated in 15 startups being chosen out of the initial 100. Today the pitching continued and on Quantum stage the 15 startups pitched their hearts out to become one of the three final startups.

So who are the final three?

A big congratulations to:


A premium facial recognition-based access control system with stopless throughput, and easy onboarding through a mobile app. They claim to be the fastest on the market with 0.2 sec for recognition time. Launched a POC with Kraft Heinz among others, and soon with UCL School of Management.


Eversend is Africa’s first neobank. The app is a one-stop financial service marketplace giving users access to money exchanges and transfers, insurance, bill payments, personal loans, and more.


IPDx proprietary technology translates the intricate collection of antibodies into actionable data to develop diagnostics that help detect disease earlier and guide treatment decisions.


Join us at Founder Stage tomorrow from 16.35-17.20 to hear the final three pitches and make sure to be at Founder Stage again at 17.50 when the winner of Slush 100 will be announced!

By the way for the first time, Slush 100 is also joining forces with Extreme Tech Challenge (XTC), a global startup competition and non-profit organization. XTC selected today three startups to their global finals in Paris in 2020. Congrats to Digizen, Dobrain and Medusoil!


Photo: Samuli Pentti