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at slush 2021

After a year’s hiatus, Slush is returning physically to Helsinki on Dec 1–2. Slush 2021 will bring together the world’s leading-edge startups and investors under one roof for two days – And our volunteers make that happen. We will be recruiting 1100 volunteers throughout the summer and fall, starting with the Team Leads.

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Team Lead

Slush is built by volunteers, and Team Leads are the ones that make the magic happen. Team Leads are in charge of executing the core operations at Slush and serving international startups, investors, partners, and media. You will have ownership of a specific project or function during Slush preparations and the event. As a Team Lead, you’ll act as a leader for Group Leads, who in turn are in charge of the volunteers, meaning you will recruit, train and manage a group of volunteers.

We’re looking for Team Leads for various different teams, ranging from content production to partnerships, and finance to marketing. You’ll find the detailed descriptions below.

This is your chance to become a member of the Slush community, network with the front runners of today, and join the behind the scenes of the world’s leading startup event. 


Become an effective leader. 

Become an insider in the expanding startup scene. 

Become a Team Lead.

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Application Process


Aug 8

Application closes – The applicants will be contacted in the few weeks following the application deadline.  

Weeks 32 & 33

A short interview with the People Team for selected candidates. 

Week 34

A short interview with the specific team in which you will work. 

Sep 6

Onboarding begins – Team Leads recruit Group Leads before Sep 17.



Team Lead positions require a few hours per week during fall, starting in September, and close to 15 hours during the weeks leading up to the event on Dec 1–2. The estimated workload depends on your specific role and is discussed together with your team.




The ticket team makes sure that Slush ticket operations run smoothly. Main responsibilities include creating and managing tickets, invoicing, reporting, answering emails, and customer support. During the Slush event week, responsibilities include supporting and overseeing the Badge Claim operations from a ticketing point of view.



The store team is responsible for the Slush Store operations. Main responsibilities include planning, coordinating, and, in general, being the main contact person for the Slush store. The chosen TL will also be arranging photoshoots and necessary training for volunteers and operating the Slush store at the event.



The investor team helps one of our core visitor groups – international investors – get the most out of their event. Responsibilities include matching VCs with startups and other investors and matching other investor groups according to their wishes (e.g. angels with startups, VCs with LPs, etc.). Additionally, customer service, and taking care of operations during Investor Day.



The startup team helps one of our core visitor groups – startups and founders – have an amazing Slush experience, and works closely with the Startup team. Responsibilities include running different startup concepts, like pitching competitions and/or showcases.



The program team develops an unforgettable speaker experience through relationship-building and ensuring a smooth & accommodating experience at the event. The responsibilities include overseeing practical arrangements and schedules for all the program sessions and offering top-notch customer service for attendees and participants.



The Soaked team produces high-quality content that both highlights founders and operators from Europe and provides concrete advice on building startups and their different functions. Responsibilities include content creation, conducting interviews, doing social media, and planning content.



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The production team creates a technically and visually high-level speaking event for professionals with operations that make the Slush attendees’ customer path in Helsinki smooth and effective. Responsibilities include planning and overseeing the Badge Claim, Event Help, and Construction operations, to mention a few. Communicating with the production team, delivering items, and customer service are also the production team’s responsibilities. 



The partnership team takes care of partnerships and overall partner customer experience. Responsibilities include overseeing the successful execution of Slush side-events, Startup-corporate startup screening & matching, and being in charge of the Slush buddies – concierges you’ve never seen before!



The marketing team makes sure Slush is seen and heard by all the relevant people. Responsibilities include content creation for our own media touchpoints (, social media, newsletter, etc.), organizing the work of volunteer photographers, and media customer service.


Comms & PR

Comms & PR take care of relationships with journalists, interviews, press releases, and media monitoring. Responsibilities include handling practicalities from Media Area production and looking for partners for our Press Event. The chosen person will also be helping with the content for the two areas and helping journalists with the rest of the team.


Feedback & visitor data

The team collects and analyzes feedback from the event visitors.  Main responsibilities include planning the feedback gathering process, training the volunteers to gather feedback, and analyzing the gathered data.

Volunteer Stories

Hey! It’s Miika here from Slush.

I first volunteered back in 2014 in the pre-registration team. The next year, I was the group leader for the same function. In 2016 and 2017, I was interviewing our main stage speakers in our Speaker Studio concept and also had a chance to host our pitching competition semi-finals! In 2018, I joined the team full-time and today I am the CEO. It’s difficult to put into words the influence of Slush for me and many others. For me, Slush helped me to realize especially a few things:

  1. There is nothing more exciting than working with incredibly ambitious and driven people
  2. With these ambitious people, even a small or simple task gets a new meaning when everyone aims to make it world-class. For example, in 2014, we aimed to make an extraordinary experience for all Slush guests when they came to get their passes.
  3. Slush opened my eyes to the world of startups and ventures. The space I love to continue working in. 

I encourage you to apply. If nothing else, you will get new friends and experiences. At best, it will change your life.


Hello everyone!

This is Aino from Slush, and I would love to share my volunteer story with you. I first volunteered at Slush in 2014 and hooked up with the extraordinary community and the spirit within, so I ended up volunteering for four years in a row. 

I think there are as many different kinds of roles as there are volunteers. I have found myself helping speakers find the right stage, giving chocolate bars to ambassadors, and selecting 400 top-tier startups to showcase their products at the heart of the Slush venue. 

Nowadays, I work as a full-time team member here at Slush as a Strategic Partnership Manager. I think that volunteering at Slush is an exceptional experience since Slush would not be anything without its volunteers. It is great to see what like-minded young students can build together and how they can shape the entrepreneurial tomorrow in just two days. I highly recommend you apply for Team Lead positions as you will gain experience and create networks like no other.

Hi friends, this is Vallu, the Head of Partnerships here at Slush.

My journey started back in 2016 when I was brave enough to take the leap and apply as a Slush volunteer. Now 5 years later, I’m extremely grateful that I get to be part of creating this world-class spectacle full time. I’ve been a Slush buddy and Slush buddy group lead in the past. These experiences showed me the true value of Slush and the power that 1000 volunteers can have on actually creating real progress towards a more humane future. I currently make sure that we gather the coolest partners in the world to support this one-of-a-kind community through startup services, mentoring, innovation opportunities, and other ecosystem activities. 

As a Team Lead, you get to be a part of this gem of an organization, work closely with the core team on creating the most incredible tech event to date. You get a front-row seat to the edge of technology, see first-hand as true progress is made, and become part of a close-knit community of Slushers. Apply now, you won’t regret it.

Important Dates


Sep 6 Team Lead onboarding (mandatory)
Sep 16 Fall Team Kick-off Party
Sep 6-17 Team Leads interviewing Group Leads (mandatory)
Oct 19 Where Are We -session (mandatory)
Oct 28 Halloween Party
Nov 6 Volunteers’ Day (mandatory)
Nov 16 Where Are We -session (mandatory)
Nov 19 Team Dinner
Nov 29-30 Venue Training (mandatory)
Dec 1-2 Slush event (mandatory)
Dec 4 Debrief Brunch (mandatory)
Dec 10 Volunteers’ Afterparty
Also, Kaato takes place at the beginning of Year 2022


Apply now



Slush is a student-driven, not-for-profit movement with the mission to create and help the next generation of groundbreaking entrepreneurs, originally founded to change attitudes toward entrepreneurship. The Slush 2021 event features two days full of stage programs, in addition to several side events, talks at networking sessions, roundtable discussions, and facilitated workshops. Our speaker line-up includes successful founders, top-notch investors, and other startup and tech influencers.


The event will take place physically on December 1 – 2, 2021 at Helsinki Expo and Convention Center (Messukeskus).


Slush is organized in the Helsinki Expo and Convention Center. Address: Messuaukio 1, 00520 Helsinki Helsinki Expo and Convention Center is located just a few kilometers from the Helsinki city center – you’ll be able to arrive at the venue within 15 minutes from all around the city.


Team Lead is a dedicated volunteer willing to take on responsibility in creating Slush 2021 throughout the Fall from September to the start of December. Team Leads are in charge of executing the core operations at Slush, serving international startups, investors, partners and media. Team Leads are in a position of trust and volunteering their time for the benefit of Slush, the startup ecosystem and their personal growth. As a Team Lead you will have ownership of a specific project or function during Slush preparations and the event. Additionally most Team Leads will recruit, train and manage a team of volunteers to participate in said project/function.


The application period for Team Leads closes on Aug 8. We will contact all applicants during the next few weeks. For selected candidates, there will be two interviews: 

    1. A short interview with the People Team. Takes place during weeks 32 & 33.
    2. A short interview with the team you would work at Slush. Takes place during week 34

Onboarding starts on Sep 6. Team Leads will then interview and choose Group Leads before Sep 17.


Few hours per week over the course of Fall, close to 15h per week during the event week and few weeks leading up to that. The estimated workload depends on your specific role and is discussed together with your team.


Yes! In addition to Team Leads, we also have Group Leads and Volunteers. Team Leads are leading the Group Leads who are respectively, in charge of the Volunteers. As of now, we are looking for Team Leads to join the team. We will start recruiting other volunteers later on.


Team Leads are working with the Slush team from September until December 2021.


You can reach the team by email at [email protected]

Event Safety
The safety of our community is our highest priority. We follow the regional recommendations and restrictions of Finnish Institute for health and welfare in all our volunteer activities throughout 2021.In addition, given the circumstances, it is likely that we will require our Slush 2021 attendees, including our volunteers, to either be
  • fully vaccinated or
  • have a certificate of a negative COVID-19 test result.
We will update and specify our COVID-19 guidelines actively during the year. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].