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Sep 25-26


*Please be noted, that minor changes in the agenda might occur.

Mountain Stage

Ocean Stage

10:00-10:05 OPENING SHOW
10:00-10:25 OPENING SPEECH
  Chen Wang Slush China CEO
  Pasi Hellman Consul General of Finland
11:30-11:50 KEYNOTE: Grow Through Innovation
  Elton Huang PwC Senior Partner
10:45-11:05 FIRESIDE CHAT:How to make revolutionary world-class products?
  Peter Vesterbacka Angel Investor, Serial Entrepreneur, Angry Birds Co-founder, Rovio CEO
  Andreas Saari Slush CEO
11:05-11:35 PANEL DISCUSSION: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: Corporate Investment & M&A Perspective (CN)
  Winston Cheng Strategic Advisor
  Jack Ren Eminence Ventures
  Michael Zhu Gobi Partners
  Yingzhi Yang Reuters
11:35-11:55 FIRESIDE CHAT: A Journey of Open Innovation
  Michael Redding  Accenture Ventures
  Herbert Wu The Economist Global Business Review
11:55-12:15 KEYNOTE: The Story of Modern Day Romance: Love and Algorithms
  Yu Wang Tantan CEO
12:15-12:35 KEYNOTE: The Recognition Revolution: The Impact of AI & NLP technologies
  Kenny Chien Emotibot Founder and CEO
12:35-13:05 PANEL DISCUSSION: AI Is Everywhere – The Impact of Cross-industry AI
  Tak Lo
  Herbert Yang AWS Greater China
  Sidney Wen Plug and Play China Capital
  Jason Pan Horizon Robotics
  Charles Xia CGTN
13:05-13:35 PANEL DISCUSSION: How Traditional Retailers Defeat The Innovators’ Dilemma
  Claire Chen Clobotics
  Dinglong Huang Malong Technologies
  John Artman TechNode
 13:35-14:05 PANEL DISCUSSION: From Ideation to Domination: Learnings From Scaling
  Daoping Wang China Growth Capital
  Sonny Vu Alabaster
  Yingzhi Yang Reuters
14:05-14:25 KEYNOTE: Revolutionising Education with AI
  Gang Ma Partner Squirrel AI
14:25-14:55 PANEL DISCUSSION: Disruption of Retail for the Next 50 Years
  Nicole Yang Secoo
  Charles Cai McDonald’s China
  Erick Haskell Allbirds
  Matthew Brennan ChinaChannel
14:55-15:25 PANEL DISCUSSION: How Robots will change our lives?
  Derek Kwik BraveSoldier Ventures
  Gavin Pathross Ross Robotics
  Gavenraj Sodhi SoftBank Robotics China
15:55-16:25 PANEL DISCUSSION: Designing Spaces for Life and Community
  Manoj Mehta CEO naked Group
  Bob Zheng Founder & CEO People Squared
  Daisy Qiu Founder & CEO Ruiwen Shepower
 16:25-16:55 PANEL DISCUSSION: Bridge Innovation with Growth
  Bo Sheng Shenzhen Capital Group Co., Ltd.
  Bin Yu Shenzhen Securities Information Co.Ltd
16:55-17:00 CLOSING  
11:00-11:30 PANEL DISCUSSION: Where are all the Enterprise Tech Unicorns?
  Kapil Kane Intel China, Innovation Director
  Chee-We Ng Oak Seed Ventures, Venture Partner
  Dow Wang Moseeker, Founder & CEO
  Matthieu Bodin Xnode, International Growth Director
11:30-11:50 KEYNOTE: Faster than Sound and Chasing for Light – Future Mobility & Transportation
  Jielong Zhang G7 Networks, CFO
11:50-12:10 KEYNOTE: Disrupting Healthtech with Innovation
  Martin Shen Tencent Trusted Doctor, President
12:10-12:40 PANEL DISCUSSION: Mobility 2020 (CN) 
  Jielong Zhang G7 Networks, CFO
  Junyi Zhang NIO Capital, Managing Partner
  Rocky Liu Xpeng Motors, Vice General Manager
  Dandan Shan Fuyou Truck, Founder & CEO
  Fred Zhang EqualOcean, Co-Founder
12:40-13:00 KEYNOTE: Digital Assets as a New Kind of Ownership
  Bobby Lee Ballet, Founder and CEO
13:00-13:30 PANEL DISCUSSION: The New Powers in Internet Finance
  Jasper Lee eToro, Managing Director
  Jack Zhang Airwallex, Co-Founder & CEO
  Bobby Lee Ballet, Founder & CEO
  Jon-Tzen Ng Seasoned Fintech Executive
13:30-13:50 FIRESIDE CHAT: The Rise of Fintech in Asia
  Jack Zhang Airwallex, Co-Founder & CEO
13:50-14:20 PANEL DISCUSSION: How do corporates innovate with startups?
  Joern Leogrande Wirecard AG, Executive Vice President
  Eddy Dong Accenture Ventures China Lead
  Philippe Obry Dassault Systèmes, Director of Business Innovation & Transformation
14:20-14:50 PANEL DISCUSSION: How to Smartly Distribute Eggs into Different Baskets. Cross-border Investment Strategy
  Nobuaki Kitagawa Cyberagent Ventures
  Edward Tse Gao Feng Advisory Company Limited
  Vaibhav Vardhan Inc42 Media
14:50-15:20 PANEL DISCUSSION: Global Companies in China: the Love and Hate Relationship
  Samuli Savo Stora Enso, Chief Digital Officer
  Laura Ala ZOAN, Partner and CMO
  Ilkka Kivimäki, Founding Partner
  Lauri Lehtovuori Combient Foundry, VP & Head of Combient Foundry
15:20-15:50 PANEL DISCUSSION: How Ants Work with Elephants: Best Practices for Startups to Work with Enterprises
  Yuxiang Zhou BlackLake, Co-Founder & CEO
  David Ye Perspicace, Co-Founder & CEO
  Ken Yip Perspicace Intelligence, Founder & CEO
  Paul Wong Explorium, Vice President, Innovation
  Rong Yu Microsoft ScaleUp, CTO
15:50-16:20 PANEL DISCUSSION: Is 5G the angel or the devil?
  Nicholas Hansen Siemens Digital Mobility
  David Huang Volvo Cars
  Oscar Ramos Chinaccelerator, Partner and Managing Director
16:20-16:50 PANEL DISCUSSION: Rise of EdTech: Gamification and Disruption in Education
Annabelle Vultee Education First, COO
Zackery Ng Hellotalk, Founder & CEO
Peter Vesterbacka Co-Founder of Angry Birds Co-founder
Nishtha Mehta CollabCentral, Founder


10:00-10:30 Registration
10:30-10:50 KEYNOTE: Emerging Industries and Hiring Trends with Big Data
  Yijing Chen LinkedIn China, Head of Operations
10:50-11:20 PANEL: Competition or Cooperation: Marketers Role in an Era of AI
  Ben Huang Anheuser-Busch InBev, Director-Head of Tech/Digital Innovations & Analytics-Solutions APAC
  Jin Zhang Guandata, Co-Founder
  Olivier Marescq Pernod Ricard, Head of Business Innovation, China
  Rachel Wang Coca-Cola, Director of Connection Planning and Digital Marketing
  Steve Wang Tezign, Co-Founder and COO
11:20-11:50 PANEL: The Future of Human Machine Interaction
  Yunkai Wang Aistar Venture, Investment VP
  Run Xu PlusX, Co-Founder & President
  Kevin Zhou Pandaily, CEO & Founder
11:50-12:20 PANEL: AI Ethics
  Michael Best Georgia Institute of Technology, Professor
  Malavika Jayaram Digital Asia Hub & SMU School of Law, Executive Director & Asst. Professor
12:20-12:40 KEYNOTE: Institutional Investors’ View on Crypto Assets
12:40-13:10 PANEL: Driving Adoption of Web 3.0: The State of Decentralised Applications
  Richard Wang Draper Dragon Fund, Partner
  Mars Pouyan GBC, CEO
13:10-13:30 KEYNOTE: Building and Reshaping Our Future
  Mingqiang Xu Microsoft, Greater China Region CTO
13:30-14:00 PANEL: Bridging the Diversity Gap
  Andrea Hajdu-Howe Antler, Head of Capital
  Helen Hai Binance Charity Foundation, Head
  Yoonmin Cho Google for Startups, APAC Lead
  Rhea See She Loves Tech, Co-Founder & COO
14:00-14:30 PANEL: Investment for Good
  Yiming Wu Accessibility Research Association, Association Expert
  Zizhang He ByteDance, Head of Digital Accessibility
  Jie Jin Huatu Information Technology, Partner
14:30-15:00 PANEL: The Burning Man Phenomenon: 5G Innovations in New Applications
  Karen Jiang Oriental Corp Services Ltd, Co-Founder & COO
  Victor Chao SAIF Partners, Partner
  Kevin Chen Haitong International, Managing Director
  Timo Lei King & Wood Mallesons, Partner & Markets Leader
15:00-15:30 PANEL: Connected Cities 2030 (CN)
  Baisong Wei Ping An, Urban-Tech CTO
  Zhe Zhou China Unicom, 5G innovation Center, Alibaba Strategic Cooperation Center Director
  Jing Liu Skyroam, Founder & CEO
  Aidy Zhang Nokia (Baer), Vice President
15:30-15:40 KEYNOTE: Media Changes the World View
  Run Xu PlusX, Co-Founder & President
9:30-10:00 Registration
10:00-10:20 KEYNOTE: Connected Cities, Homes & Humans
  Alvin Wang Graylin HTC China, President
10:20-10:40 KEYNOTE: Reimagining our Connected Worlds
  Dawei Gu Xiaomi Inc., Secretary General of Technical Committee

10:40-11:10 PANEL: Are Humans Still Needed? AI, Talent, and Leadership in the Future of Work
  Alvin Wang Graylin HTC China, President
  Ali Kazmi Ogilvy, VP Partnerships & Strategic Development Asia
  Fridtjof Berge Antler, Co-Founder & COO
  Alvin Foo Reprise China, Managing Director
11:10-11:30 KEYNOTE: Ideas of Innovation in Edtech
  Sun Yue Codemao, Co-Founder & CTO
11:30-11:50 KEYNOTE: Investing for the Wellness of Our Future
11:50-12:20 Ken Xu Seasoned Investor
12:20-12:35 PANEL: Disruption of Media
  Vaibhav Vardhan Inc42 Media, Founder & CEO
  Malcolm Ong SCMP, Head of Product
  Gang Lu Techcrunch China & Technode, Founder & CEO
12:35-13:05 KEYNOTE: Cities with an Impact
  Tuula Antola City of Espoo, Director of Economic and Business Development
13:05-13:25 PANEL: How to Leverage Ecosystem for Healthcare Innovation Globally
  Tong Chen IBM Greater China, Chief Health Officer
  Yongqin Zeng Philips HealthWorks, Senior Director, Innovation Lead
  Xing Sun AXA Next Lab Asia, Head
  Dr. Guillaume Zagury Former CMO & VP of OASIS Intl. Hospital Beijing
  Patrick Ma Sanofi, External Innovation Lead
13:25-13:55 KEYNOTE:   
13:55-14:15 PANEL: What are the challenges and possible solutions for patients follow-up care?
  Marie Chavanon Sanofi, Head of Innovation
  Robert Garber 7 Wire Ventures, Partner
  Sharon Chan JLABS, Head of Shanghai
  Sebastien Gaudin The CareVoice, Co-Founder & CEO
14:15-14:45 KEYNOTE: Healthtech Genomics
  Sherry Xian iCarbonX, Chief Data Officer
14:45-15:05 PANEL: The Emerging Relevance of Genomics for Oncology
  Victoria Lei Genetron Health, Senior Vice President
  Sherry Xian iCarbonX, Chief Data Officer
  Johny Zhang Singlera Genomics, Co-Founder & CEO
  Shuguang Wang GTJA Investment Group, Executive Partner
  Sunny Ting Bayer China, G4A Program Director
15:05-15:15 KEYNOTE: Perspective on Immersive Art Experience and New Retail Commercial Culture
  Dickson Sezto Urban Digital Experience Co Ltd., Chairman
  KEYNOTE: The Need for Sexy Trash
  Arthur Huang Miniwiz, Founder & CEO
15:15-15:45 PANEL: It’s bait! The Unwanted Seduction and Trap for Growth
  Bo Dong Kr Space, Senior Vice President
  Ping Hu Chenhui Venture Partners, Founding Partner
  Sean He Sillicon Harbour Investment LLC, Founding Partner
  Jeff Wu Pegasus Tech Ventures, China Partner
15:45-15:50 Pitch Competition Final Opening
15:50-16:00 Final Pitch 1  
16:00-16:10 Final Pitch 2  
16:10-16:20 Final Pitch 3  
16:20-16:30 Final Pitch 4  
16:30-16:40 Final Pitch 5  
16:40-16:50 Final Pitch 6  
16:50-16:55 Slush CEO speech
16:55-17:10 Award Ceremony+Closing