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The spot for Slush week After-hours mingling


Take your team, a friend or anyone Slush-minded for a relaxed Slush afterwork and discover the hidden spots of Helsinki.

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This year, we’re bringing our popular afterwork district to a new neighborhood in Helsinki. Kallio – a little rough around the edges, but surely one of the trendiest spots in Helsinki these days – will host our Borough district this year.

The Borough district is located in Bear Park (Karhupuisto). In the middle, a heated tent with smooth music and drinks serves as an official meeting point. Continue the discussions you started at Slush or book new afterwork meetings via the Matchmaking Tool.

  • What: The Borough, our afterwork district for all Slush-minded
  • When: Nov 21: 6 pm–10 pm, Nov 22: 10 pm–midnight
  • Where: Karhupuisto area – hop on the tram 9 or 7 in front of Messukeskus and you’ll be there in less than 15 minutes.
  • Who: Meeting point for Slush Badge holders (capacity 200 people at once), bars open for everyone!


Our friends at Helsinki Distilling Company helped us curate a list of bars and pubs in the neighbourhood that offer a variety of great food, coffee, cocktails, wine, beer – you name it, they’ve probably got it! Some special discounts and surprises for Slush attendees included.



Tislaamo – Distillery Bar
Cocktails, food, music, Slush cocktail discount.
Työpajankatu 2a R3, 00580 Helsinki

Panema – Brewery Bar
Craft beer, cocktails, Slush discount.
Helsinginkatu 11, 00500 Helsinki

Kolmon3n – Finnish Restaurant
Local food, wine, beer, Slush cocktail discount.
Kolmas linja 11, 00530 Helsinki

Post Bar – Night Club
Only open on Friday. Slush cocktail discount. Cover at the entrance.
Kaikukatu 2, 00530 Helsinki

Kaiku – Night Club
Only open on Friday. Slush cocktail discount. Cover at the entrance.
Kaikukatu 4, 00530 Helsinki

Kuudes Linja – Night Club
Only open on Friday. Slush cocktail discount. Cover at the entrance.
Hämeentie 13 B, 00530 Helsinki

The Bull & The Firm – Cocktail Bistro
Craft cocktails, food, Slush cocktail discount.
Kulmavuorenkatu 2, 00500 Helsinki

Stadin Panimo – Brewery Bar
Brewery, tours & tastings, craft beer, Slush cocktail discount.
Kaasutehtaankatu 1, 00540 Helsinki

Solmu Pub – Brewery Bar
Craft beer, whiskey & other spirits, Slush cocktail discount.
Vaasankatu 8, 00500 Helsinki

Kustaa Vaasa – Local Pub
Music, Food, cocktails, beer, Slush cocktail discount.
Vaasankatu 10, 00500 Helsinki

B Side Bar – American Bourbon Bar
Great whiskey & bourbon selection, music, Slush cocktail discount.
Teurastamo, Työpajankatu 2, 00580 Helsinki

Tanner – Music & Food
Drinks, music, food, Slush cocktail discount.
Hämeentie 11, 00530 Helsinki

Office Bar – Local Dive Bar
Drinks, music, Slush cocktail discount.
Vilhonvuorenkatu 7-9, 00500 Helsinki

Beerger – Beer & Burgers
Craft beer, burgers, music.
Hämeentie 15, 00500 Helsinki

Bar Con Flemari – Tapas & Wine
Wine, vermouth, food, Slush cocktail discount.
Fleminginkatu 10, 00530 Helsinki

Tenho – Bar & Bistro
Food, music, drinks, Slush cocktail discount.
Helsinginkatu 15, 00500 Helsinki

Riviera – Movie Theater & Bar
Movie theatre, cocktails, music, Slush cocktail discount.
Harjukatu 2, 00500 Helsinki

Via tribunali Kallio – Pizza & Cocktails
Pizza, cocktails, wine.
Hämeentie 33, 00500 Helsinki

Mascot – Local Pub
Drinks, pool, occasional live music.
Neljäs linja 2, 00530 Helsinki

Sushibar + Wine Kallio
Sushi and Wine restaurant
Hämeentie 19, 00500 Helsinki

Skiffer Kallio – Pizza & Drinks
Freminginkatu 8, 00530 Helsinki