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A relaxed and inspiring gathering for founders and VC representatives on the morning of Day 2 at Slush, celebrating the growing diversity in the ecosystem.

Founder Reimagined

The three-men-in-a-garage epitome is a thing of the past. The next wave of groundbreaking companies will be built by founders that represent the full extent of human heterogeneity. What’s more, they will work in collaboration with the smartest individuals from across society, including academia, governments, and the arts, not forgetting investors. With that, we will expand and deepen our problem-solving capacity and innovate in products and services that serve all of society rather than specific substrata. After all, people tend to solve problems they themselves face.


The Founder Reimagined – Breakfast kicks off Day 2 of Slush. It’s a relaxed and inspiring gathering for 120 founders & VC representatives at the Slush venue, celebrating the growing diversity in the ecosystem. This breakfast is an opportunity for founders from all backgrounds to meet peers and a selected group of investors, and build connections that benefit their ventures in the long term. With this event, we want to highlight human heterogeneity and create a more inclusive community.

The breakfast will begin with a 20-minute Q&A panel where April Koh, Founder of Spring Health, and Adham Badr, Founder of Blloc, will share insights & hands-on advice from their unique and personal entrepreneurial journeys. The panel will be moderated by Deepali Nangia, Venture Partner at Speedinvest. After the panel, attendees are invited to mingle, get to know each other, and make new connections.

The event is organized in partnership with Speedinvest.



Dec 2, 2021, 8.00am-10.00am


Siipi Valo, Helsinki Convention Centre


Registration for the event has been closed. You can sign up for the waiting list here no later than Nov 3!

The registration is open to one founder per company – VC representatives are curated by Speedinvest.





April Koh
Co-founder and CEO, Spring Health

April Koh

Co-founder and CEO, Spring Health

April Koh is Co-founder and CEO of Spring Health, a comprehensive mental health benefits platform for employers.

April has received honors from the American Psychiatric Association and has been featured in numerous news outlets such as Forbes 30 under 30. She is also a Yale Entrepreneurial Institute Fellow.


About Spring Health
Founded: 2016  |  HQ: United States  |  Funding: €269M  |  Industry: Health

Deepali Nangia
Venture Partner, Speedinvest

Deepali Nangia

Venture Partner, Speedinvest

Deepali is Venture Partner at Speedinvest. She is also an angel investor with a focus on female founders. Deepali has co-founded Alma Angels, a free community of angel investors in support of female founders. Alma has invested close to €3.4M into female founders since June 2020.

Deepali holds an MBA from University of Rochester Simon Business School.


About Speedinvest
Founded: 2011  |  HQ: Austria  |  Stage: Seed and Early

Adham Badr
Co-founder and CEO, Blloc

Adham Badr

Co-founder and CEO, Blloc

Adham Badr is Co-founder and CEO of Blloc, a homescreen app reinventing the relationship with our phones by helping users reduce screen time and supercharging their productivity.

Prior to Blloc, Adham lead top engineering teams in several consumer startups, building and launching a variety of deep tech products in the AI, Mobility, and OS spaces.



About Blloc
Founded: 2017  |  HQ: Berlin  |  Funding: €3M  |  Industry: Consumer Mobile