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A full week
of events

Slush is far more than just a two-day event. In fact, it is a constellation of hundreds of events happening all around metropolitan Helsinki. Check them out, or register yours.

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Originally a two-day event, Slush has now become an entire week of exhilarating program around the Helsinki metropolitan area. In addition to the events organized by Slush – our Kickoff Events and Official Slush Side Events – there is a wealth of industry and theme-specific gatherings all adding up to the Slush experience.

Anyone is welcome to post their own side event to be listed on the Slush website. Side events can be client breakfasts, workshops, parties, panel discussions or something completely different.

Register your event

Want some help with throwing your event? Get in touch at [email protected] and we will figure it out together.

Coming soon: Side events listing