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Things to do before coming to Slush 2022

1. Assign your tickets
Assign your tickets on the Slush Platform to ensure your team members can access the Matchmaking Tool and receive event info.

2. Book meetings
Browse and filter the 2,600 investors and 4,600 founders and operators and book meetings for the event days through the Matchmaking tool.

3. Claim your badge
Make sure to claim your badge at one of our Pre-Badge Claim points to avoid queuing on the event day.

4. Sign up for Side Events
Browse our 200+ Side Events and take your Slush experience to the next level by attending different gatherings across Helsinki.

5. See Agenda
Learn from the brightest people in the ecosystem by watching our stage program. 

6. Download the Slush App
Find everything from Matchmaking to Side Event and Stage Program compactly packed in the Slush App. The app is now available for both IOS and Android.

Assigning Tickets

Assigning your tickets is an extremely important thing to do before Slush, especially if you have more than one of them.

This way, everyone attending Slush 2022 with you will have access to both their pass and the Matchmaking Tool and will get all the necessary information needed to enter the event.

You can assign your tickets on the Slush Platform.


Download the Slush App

As wandering around the event venue by holding your laptop in your hands would be inconvenient the least, we recommend you download the Slush App.

It grants you access to all important information ranging from Side Events to the Matchmaking Tool and from practicalities to stage program.  You can also create your personalized agenda on the app.

Download the app for IOS or Android by following the link.

Download App


To enter Slush, you need a badge and wristband. To avoid queueing at the venue on the event days, we highly recommend that you claim your badge and wristband in advance at one of our Pre-Badge Claim points in the Helsinki city center.

Claiming your badge is also possible at the venue’s main entrances on both event days but prepare to wait a bit.

Please have your ID ready when you arrive at any Badge Claim point. You can only pick up your own badge and wristband. 

Please note that the wristband will be put on your wrist at the time of the pick-up. Please do not remove your wristband. The replacement fee for a lost wristband is 100€.

The Pre-Badge Claim locations and opening times can be found below.


Töölönlahdenkatu 2
00100 Helsinki

Nov 13, 2022

Sun 12–6 pm

Nov 14–16, 2022

Mon 12–7:30 pm
Tue 12–7:30 pm
Wed 12–7:30 pm


Elisa Kulma

Aleksanterinkatu 19
00100 Helsinki

Nov 14–16, 2022

Mon 11 am–7 pm
Tue 11 am–7 pm
Wed 11 am–7 pm

Helsinki Airport

01531 Vantaa Arrival Halls

Nov 15–17, 2022

Tue 12–6 pm
Wed 8 am–10 pm
Thu 7 am–11 am


Coming to Helsinki for the first time? Or want to know how to make the most of your time here?

Our Guide to Helsinki gathers all the activities you can possibly imagine for your time in Helsinki. Whether you need tips for restaurants, activities, or transportation, we’ve got you covered!

Furthermore, if you haven’t yet sorted out where to stay during Slush, we’ve compiled a list of hotels to stay in and have gathered a discount for each just for you.



Slush 2022 will be organized at the Exhibition and Convention Center of Helsinki (Messukeskus). The address is Messuaukio 1, 00520 Helsinki.

Messukeskus is located in Pasila, just a few kilometers from the Helsinki city center. The venue is served by excellent transportation connections in all directions, the easiest being one stop by train from the Helsinki Central Railway station. 

Please note that the busiest time to enter Slush is around 9-10 am on both event days. 

If you are arriving at the venue, by using public transportation, you can use the local HSL Journey planner here.


Every local and long-distance train stops at the Pasila railway station, just a 300-meter walk from Messukeskus. Trains from the city center to Pasila take just five minutes and all trains coming from the Helsinki-Vantaa airport also stop at Pasila. 

You can read more and plan your local travel through the HSL Journey planner here.  


Trams 7 and 9 leave from the city center and stop right in front of the southern entrance of Messukeskus. Read more here

You can plan your local travel through the HSL Journey planner here.  


In the Helsinki area, there are various high-quality taxi services available, providing services 24/7. Taxi companies in the Helsinki area include Taxi Helsinki, ​​Kovanen, and Lähitaksi.

You can also take an Uber or Bolt to the venue.


There is a parking garage in the Expo area, and the garage is accessible from Ratapihantie 17. The parking garage is open 24/7, and one entry costs 13 euros (24 hours parking).

You can buy parking tickets at the northern entrance. There are also payment machines inside the parking hall. Please note that the capacity of the garage is limited.


The doors of the venue are open from 8 am–6 pm on Nov 17 and 8 am–11 pm (Slush Afterparty starting from 6 pm) on Nov 18. Note that the Opening Show takes place on the Founder Stage at 10 am on Nov 17.

Further details about the venue and Closing Party will be published closer to the event.

Slush 2022 venue map.


There are two entrances to the venue: the Southern Entrance, which is the main entrance, and the Northern Entrance, which can be accessed from the parking halls.

If you have claimed your badge in advance, choose the Badge Holder lane at the Slush venue entrance.

We highly recommend claiming your badge beforehand, but you can also do it at the venue by choosing the Badge Claim lane at the entrance. 

See the venue map.


Cloakrooms are located near the entrances and are free of charge. Please note that cloakrooms cannot receive large items. You can leave cabin-size luggage in the cloakroom but unfortunately, there is no storage for big bags. Cloakrooms are open:

Thu, Nov 17: 8 am–6 pm

Fri, Nov 18: 8 am–11 pm

We suggest you take a picture of the cloakroom tag. There is staff at the cloakroom during the opening hours. However, Slush is not responsible for items left in the cloakroom.

Lost and founds can be brought to and enquired about from the southern cloakroom at the right end of the desk. 

See the venue map.



The event venue is fully accessible by wheelchair and each stage has reserved seats for attendees using a wheelchair. Entry is free for the personal assistants of disabled persons, and guide or assistance dogs are welcome. You can find more information about accessibility in the venue on the Convention Center’s website.

Please consider that the visual identity of Slush is unique: the venue is quite dark, and we use mineral haze to create a special Slushy feel. As the stage programming includes flashing lights and lasers, we advise people who are sensitive to light or have epilepsy to consider this when planning their visit.


All of our dedicated volunteers are more than happy to help you! If you have any questions or feedback, say hi to anyone wearing a Slush crew t-shirt. Our dedicated Info Team volunteers can be recognized from their red bandana scarves and their backpacks stating “info”.

Beforehand, you can contact us by email.



Need help? Come to one of our Info Desks. The locations of our Info Desks are marked on the venue map.

Thu, Nov 17:

8 am–6 pm

Fri, Nov 18:

8 am–6 pm



There is a first aid service at the venue in case of accidents (see the location marked on the venue map). In case of an emergency, call the emergency number 112. After that, let the staff know so they can clear the way for the arriving help. The phone number for first aid is: +358503577307

If you notice anything dangerous or suspicious at the event, do not hesitate to contact the staff. The Security Helpdesk is located in the corner of the southern cloakroom, where you can ask or report about security-related issues. You can also give them a call: +358 50 536 6283. We want to make you feel safe and secure.



Food Court

The Food Court presents a wide-ranging culinary selection, All the restaurants offer vegetarian food only, with an option to make everything vegan. Additionally, we have Aurora café serving our guests throughout the event. All restaurants are open from 11 am–6 pm. The opening hours are limited in the mornings and during the Afterparty.

The Food Court and cafés are open during the event hours and Afterparty. Please note that all food disposables at Slush are biodegradable and belong to organic waste.

Aurora Café

This café is located near Founder Stage. The selection includes cafeteria products and delicious kimchi burgers.


Slush is serving free coffee for Slush attendees at the venue. There are several smaller coffee stations around the venue, including the cafés.

Water Stations

Water be found around the venue. We serve locally produced and filtered Finnish tap water – it is ranked as one of the best in the world. Tap water is an environmentally friendly choice and Finnish tap water is fresh and 100% drinkable. Remember to bring your own reusable bottle with you!

See the venue map.


There are a number of workspaces around the venue with seating, tables, and power outlets. See the venue map!

  • Portal Workspace
  • Gradient Workspace
  • Horizon Workspace
  • Liminal Workspace
  • Beyond Workspace
  • Dawn Workspace
  • Dreamscape Workspace

Every Workspace is equipped with LecToGo power banks which every Slush attendee can use free of charge by using a promo code: SLUSH

More detailed instructions can be found in the LecToGo app. To use the power bank, one needs to download the app.

Ad-hoc spaces

For ad hoc meetings and work, we’ve built 7 workspaces with a unique vibe to provide perfect facilities for taking care of an urgent tasks. We have also collaborated with a Finnish meeting pod company, VETROSPACE, and brought a number of meeting pods to the event venue. Feel free to use any of the pods if you find a free one as there is no reservation system for them. With a number of VETROSPACE meeting pods, comfortable tables and chairs, and a relaxed atmosphere, you’ll find plenty of great spots for you to send that first offer, finish your deck or have a quick call. 


Comfort Zone

We know that being at Slush can get fairly hectic as you want to make the most of your experience by meeting new people, enjoying our stage program, and participating in our Side Events.

To make sure that there is a calm and safe place for relaxing, we are introducing a designated area called Comfort Zone. Comfort Zone is a hidden gem in the middle of the meeting area – this is the place where you can escape the buzz around you.

Comfort Corner

Comfort Corner by Oyama is a pit stop for startup founders and employees to reflect on self-development and mental well-being. A place to wind down and discuss the realities of work-life balance in short guided sessions with experts in the field.

At the Comfort Corner situated in the corner of the Comfort Zone, participants get a personalized well-being experience based on their needs. There will be instant access to short 15-minute sessions with experienced professionals to take a much-needed mental break and to reflect on anything on their minds.


Slush is all about bringing people together from across the world to share their passion and enthusiasm for entrepreneurship. We want Slush to be a 100% positive experience for all our attendees from start to finish. This is why we do not accept any kind of disrespectful behavior at any of our events.

Let’s make sure together that all of us can have a great time regardless of what we look like, where we come from, and who we are.

Code of Conduct


We are actively working towards having a positive impact on the environment, and yes, Slush 2022 will be a carbon-negative event.

Whether it is reducing our environmental footprint by only using tap water and biodegradable disposables or with strict recycling practices, we set the bar high for minimizing the harm we do while amplifying the good. 

Read more about Slushtainability.





Remember, all food items including candy wrappers, plates, cutlery, and cups are biodegradable at Slush, so throw it all into the organic waste bin!


You can save a lot of disposable cups by bringing your own reusable water bottle to fill up at our water stations. Yes, Finnish tap water is known for its excellent quality and is 100% drinkable!

Use public transport

Use public transport to get to the event – with 12,000 people joining, these individual choices really do add up… and can save you precious time avoiding traffic! 



We have compensated your flight to Helsinki already, but you can do it yourself as well and increase the carbon captured by the Slush community.


Slush 2022 brings together 4,600 startup founders and operators, accompanied by 2,600 investors. Make the most of this crowd by using our Matchmaking Tool, where you can scroll and filter through attendees, book meetings, and chat.

On the Matchmaking Tool, you can screen and filter through investors, startups, media, and other industry executives and book meetings with them at Slush 2022.

At the venue, we have a separate Meeting Area with dedicated tables that can be reserved when booking through our tool.

To Matchmaking

Stage Program

The stage program of Slush exists to provide radically honest and timeless advice that accelerates the progress of early-stage founders. This year, our stage program takes place on two main stages and in two studios.

The agenda of our stage program is now live. You can read more about the philosophy behind our stage program here.

Slush 2022 Agenda

Startup Concepts

Slush 2022 offers early-stage startups unique opportunities to showcase their companies. This year, startups will have the opportunity to take the stage by participating in Product Launch, Product Showcase, Failure Showcase, Emerging Hubs, and Nordic Showcase, without forgetting our crown jewel: the Slush 100 Pitching Competition.

Startups have their own designated stage, Startup Studio, at Slush.

See Slush 100


Side Events

Originally a one-day event, Slush has now become an entire week of exhilarating programs. Expect to see Side Events popping up across the Helsinki Metropolitan Area from Monday to Friday during Slush Week (Nov 14-18), with most of the action happening on Nov 16-18.

In addition to the events organized by Slush, there is a wealth of industry and theme-specific gatherings, all adding up to the Slush experience. You can now sign up for Side Events and apply to organize them.


Day 0 Events