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Dar Slush’D: Tanzanian Startups in the Spotlight

Dar Slush’D was organized by SheFound, not to forget about a team of almost 40 volunteers. The organization process was led by Vanessa Kisowile, and since the beginning, the team wanted to build an event exposing close to 200 students to the possibility of working in a startup. The team wanted Dar Slush’D to be the place connecting students to local startups and give them the spark to one day, become founders themselves. 

Now, a little while after Dar Slush’D, you’ll get to hear it from the Project Lead herself. What was the process like and what were the key learnings, not to forget what was the impact of hosting Dar Slush’D?

Becoming Part of the Slush’D community

The startup ecosystem of Tanzania is growing at a very fast pace and both the public and private sectors have supported its growth but as is the case everywhere, there are bottlenecks.

The SheFound team recognized two of them – first, limited support for early-stage, and sometimes even aspiring, founders and second, the close to non-existent inclusion of women in tech and the startup scene.

We then decided that exposing students, from both high schools and universities, to the technology and startup scenes would be the best way to solve these bottlenecks, and that’s where Dar Slush’D came in. We expected to expose the new generation, especially women, to the possibilities the startup ecosystem and technology can offer.

Organizing the event definitely exceeded the expectations as now, we hear from attendees how they enjoyed the event and that they would simply want to learn more.

The Highs and Lows

As the resources were limited, the most difficult part was to deliver a quality experience with the maximum impact. However, although the resources were limited, we found the most rewarding part of the whole event being to have the attendees express their sincere appreciation and joy, after the event.

Having partners coming on board and seeing them wanting to be part of supporting this initiative in the future as well. Being supported by Slush made us realize the value of the impact we can drive with our event, which we thought we succeeded at.


It has been amazing seeing the impact we have had on the youth, they really got excited. The most valuable learning for me is that the event must be designed in a way that makes the ecosystem see and realize the impact they can bring in by being part of this event. What I consider musts for anyone wanting to organize a Slush’D event, is a great team and a long-term plan for execution.


Slush’D Is Constantly Scaling

All in all, from all you heard from the project lead, Dar Slush’D exceeded expectations and lit the spark for many aspiring entrepreneurs to learn more. For the Slush team, it was amazing seeing the joy in the students’ eyes when given the opportunity to ask questions from local founders, investors, and ecosystem builders.

This event left everyone looking forward to the next time.

Do you want to know more about organizing a Slush’D event in your hometown? Head over here to find more information about Slush’D!


In case any questions pop up, send them over to [email protected].