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Builders’ Studio at Slush 2021 – A Company Building Library

With Slush 2021 merely days away, we figured it’s time to introduce our new stage concept – Builders’ Studio. Over the years, we’ve come to find that there’s great demand from early-stage founders for practical company-building deep dives. In response, we’re dedicating a whole stage for it. With this, we want to learn from the builders – the operators and founders with specialized expertise that can be horizontally applied.

In thirty sessions, we will be going through the lifecycle of how iconic companies are built, zooming in painfully close to see how it’s really done. We’ll start with the early days of a startup, moving on to people, product, marketing, and operations, and finally ending with exit. Put together, these talks will cover a startup’s journey, forming a playbook on building great companies.

On Day 1, you can learn about the very early stages of company building, how to scale your people and culture, how to utilize marketing for growth, and what all the nuances of fundraising are. You can expect to hear masterclasses, such as Supercell’s Ilkka Paananen on Founding Teams, Hopin’s Sarah Manning on Recruiting at Scale, EQT Ventures’ Ted Persson on Pitching your Company, and Nothing’s Akis Evangelidis on Branding.

On Day 2, we focus on later-stage topics moving on to growth, product development, and operations. Delivering practical deep dives are the likes of Sequoia’s Ravi Gupta on Working with the Board, Voi Technology’s Caroline Hjelm on Building a Growth Team, Linear’s Karri Saarinen on Product Design, and Index Ventures’ Sofia Dolfe on International Expansion. Finishing off the program is Accel’s Harry Nelis who will be uncovering what Exits really mean for startups.

The reason we are really excited about the Builders’ Studio is that with it we are creating a comprehensive library on company building that has never been done on this scale before in Europe. Importantly, if you missed the talks at Slush, you can look out for the talks online in 2022!

See you at the Builders’ Studio!