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Builders’ Studio Back for Another Round

Over the last few years, we’ve noticed that Europe lacks a culture of company-building mentorship. Last year, as a result, we dedicated a whole stage for horizontally applicable insights delivered by expert founders, investors, and operators. Born out of the talks at Slush 2021 is Builders’ Studio: a Founder School by Slush.

We heard your feedback – we know this was your favorite stage at Slush 2021. Builders’ Studio is back for another round of the most practical company-building takes while stepping it up a notch. Builders’ Studio is for founders looking to hear the most effective advice for building their ventures, as told by expert founders, operators, and investors.

While we last year covered a startup’s lifecycle from problem selection to exit, this year we’re mixing it up. This year’s Builders’ Studio is framed around pre- and post-product market fit. We recognize that these are phases characterized by different needs and, as such, want Builders’ Studio to reflect that. Below is a sneak peek into what’s brewing this year.


Day 1: Pre-Product Market Fit

  • Adam Chekroud, Co-founder and President, Spring HealthSkillsets Needed in a Founding Team
  • Edith Harbaugh, Co-founder and CEO, LaunchDarklyWhat To Build First
  • Rachel Delacour, Co-founder and CEO, SweepFirst 365 days as a founder – what to do, what to get good at, what to ignore?
  • Stevie Case, Chief Revenue Officer, VantaHow to Break Through the Noise
  • Marcelo Lebre, Co-founder and COO/CTO RemoteDoing Things That Don’t Scale
  • And many more…


Day 2: Post-Product Market Fit

  • Natasha Lytton, Head of Brand, Network and Portfolio, SeedcampBranding – why, when, and how
  • Brian Ta, Product Manager, CoinbaseGrowth
  • Shimona Mehta, Managing Director, EMEA, ShopifyHiring Fantastic People at Scale
  • Niccolo Perra, Co-founder, PleoCulture as You Scale
  • Keith Adams, Iconiq Technical Board, ex-SlackQuantifying Quality
  • And many more…

The full agenda for Slush 2022 will be launched on Oct 11 – stay tuned for the more extensive lineup.

To get ready for the upcoming agenda launch, make sure to check out our speakers.


While waiting for the agenda to be launched, take a look at the program in Builders’ Studio at Slush 2021 – you won’t regret it.

Builders' Studio 2021

Excited to see you at Slush – bit over a month to go.