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LASO-LIBS augments geologists with a superpower: Laser vision

Drill cores are the most important source of information for geologists. An exploration or a mining site can produce hundreds of meters of core per day.

Geologist’s work is called logging. It’s mostly done manually and by eye especially in greenfield exploration. Based on manual logging, samples of the drill cores are sent for laboratory analysis. This is expensive, labor-intensive, and prone to human errors. Moreover, getting results takes several weeks. In the meanwhile, drilling must continue. This is like driving a car with a rearview mirror.

LASO-LIBS stands for Large Area Scanning Operation Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy. By scanning drill cores it can classify, identify, and quantify elemental & mineral composition. With these geological insights, geologists have fewer routine tasks in logging. They can also increase selectivity in exploration drilling and in geochemical laboratory analysis. This can result in 11% cost savings in an ore exploration project.

Industries: Advanced Machinery, Mining
HQ: Espoo, Finland

What are we looking for: Seed funding from an investor who understands ore exploration & mining and is willing to help us to make them more sustainable

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Our story

Lasse Kangas is the inventor of LASO-LIBS. He is a doctoral candidate at Aalto University and has been researching laser spectroscopy applications in geology and geochemistry. He understood that LASO-LIBS might have a remarkable economic, but even more importantly, a positive environmental impact.

A commercialization project related to LASO-LIBS technology started in 2019. It has been funded by Business Finland and Aalto University Foundation. Antti Kotanen joined the project from the very beginning. He will be the co-founder of LASO-LIBS with Lasse. Antti has experience in the software business, especially in data, analytics, and cloud-based solutions. He has done sales, business development, leadership, and co-founded a startup company in 2016. Antti gained domain knowledge while working in Robit Plc, a consumables supplier for the mining industry.

Lasse and Antti are very committed because they believe in the impact this innovation could do. Why it matters?

The global need to reduce CO2 emissions speeds up the electrification of transportation. That, among other megatrends, increases the demand for metals. Circular economy cannot yet fulfill the need and thus mining is needed. Concentrations and sizes of the ore bodies are decreasing, and the ecological impact of the mines is huge. With precise and instant geological insights energy consumption, the amount of waste rock and needed chemicals can be reduced.

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Antti Kotanen, Co-founder of LASO-LIBS


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