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Aalto University

Slush is proud to collaborate with Aalto University to facilitate discussion around research-based startups and the many different paths that lead to impactful entrepreneurship

Showcase – What if...

Slush ✖ Aalto

The world is changing at a pace like never before – we see a global  sustainability  crisis, technological  disruptions, and a transformation of working  life. Aalto University is tackling these global grand challenges by providing transdisciplinary knowledge through research and by educating the game-changers of tomorrow. We are also working closely with businesses big and small to enhance our societal impact.

When it comes to fast, flexible response to change, we believe startups are a valuable asset. That is why we are also developing Aalto University as Europe’s most vibrant startup platform. We’re providing cross-campus collaboration, hands-on experiential programmes, workspaces, mentorship, and incubation services. Up to 100 companies are founded every year in our ecosystem and 50% of Finnish startups that originate from universities come from the Aalto community. We are proud that our university experience is part of the entrepreneurial journey of so many!


As one of Slush’s Main Partners in 2020, we want to illustrate how cultivating a research environment where having an entrepreneurial mindset is encouraged and celebrated can profoundly change the world around us. And as always, we’re open to collaboration, discussion, and radical innovations.

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