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6 Conversations from Slush 2022 You Can’t Miss

Slush 2022 was full of stage talks that were designed to give the most relevant, timely advice from the year about the near and far future. Down below, we’ve highlighted the 6 that you absolutely need to see and why.


1. Lessons from a lifetime venture – Doug Leone in conversation with Luciana Lixandru

Doug Leone has been at the forefront of VC for more than three decades and has seen it all — from navigating the dot-com bubble and financial crisis to driving Sequoia Capital’s expansion to China, India and Europe.

In conversation with Luciana Lixandru, Partner at Sequoia Capital, Doug shared his thoughts about what it takes for companies to survive at this crisis time and why the key is to focus on the future instead of this day.

See the full discussion here.

Watch Doug's talk


2. Building a future we wish existed – Ev Williams in conversation with Andrew Beebe

Ev Williams has built Blogger, Twitter, and Medium, some of the most well-known companies to have extended the accessibility of information, ideas, and knowledge for billions around the world.

Even if he’s best known for Twitter and Medium, in 2014 he co-founded early-stage venture capital firm Obvious Ventures with the belief that purpose-driven companies reimagining big sectors would outperform.

Obvious now has over $1 billion under management, with significant funding allocated to climate-focused innovators like Beyond Meat, Lilium, and Proterra.

In a discussion with Obvious Managing Director Andrew Beebe, Ev shares thoughts about navigating the world full of possibilities and how to find the courage to stick with your convictions even in difficult situations.

Listen to Ev's thoughts here


3. Europe, Governments, Entrepreneurs: where should we start?

Sanna Marin is a Finnish Prime Minister whose journey has been colored by time navigating from crisis to crisis. A stage interview by Eerika Savolainen, CEO at Slush, Marin tells us what the role of the government is in creating an environment for innovation and what could we learn about these crises.

Marin also underlines why it is necessary to avoid dependency relationships but important to collaborate on the globe.

See Marin's talk here


4. Growth For Food: Fighting Food Waste at Scale

Did you know that we waste around 40% of all food we produce? Mette Lykke, CEO at Too Good To Go, shows us why reducing food waste matters in environmental, social, and financial aspects.

While companies such as Too Good To Go have a meaningful role in fighting against climate-changing there is always also a business perspective – end of the day you still have to show investors the hard data about growth.

See the whole talk (or skip to the best parts if you want) by clicking here.


5. Nordic Leadership: Learnings from Spotify, Supercell and Kry

Three iconic Nordic leaders Ilkka Paananen – CEO and Co-founder of Supercell, Josefine Landgard – Founder and CEO of Mantle, and Sophia Bendz – General Partner at Cherry Ventures discuss on the stage what made Nordic companies like Supercell, Spotify, and Kry step up in tech business. Spoiler alert – it always starts with trusting the people you work with!

See the Nordic Leadership talk here.


6. Relevance as a Habit: Founding Story of Highsnobiety 

In a span of 17 years, Highsnobiety has grown from a fashion blog to a global lifestyle media brand offering consultancy and commerce solutions.

Founder David Fischer shared the brand’s unique history and had a discussion with Frederic Court, Founder and Managing Partner at Felix Capital, about how Highsnobiety constantly generates true insights from the audience and stays culturally relevant.

See the full discussion here.