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Three Reasons to Follow Soaked After Slush

You have finally recovered from your trip to Helsinki. Your laptop is still full of notes from all the meetings you had. Your Linkedin is bursting with a hundred new connections. Your head is still processing every stage talk you listened to. But how can you translate all of this startup knowledge at Slush into actually improving your company?

Soaked by Slush is the solution for you. Join us as we explain what Soaked by Slush is, what kind of content we create, and the three reasons why you should follow Soaked after Slush 2022.

What is Soaked by Slush?

Soaked by Slush is a shamelessly founder-focused startup media that delivers timeless company-building lessons, hands-on operational advice, and intriguing stories from the startup ecosystem to the people who build and operate high-growth companies. 

Our most popular pieces include our glossary on the most common VC terms, creating the perfect pre-seed pitch deck, and the complete guide on whether your company is VC fundable.

Three reasons why you should follow Soaked:

#1: Hands-on company-building advice

The last thing a founder of an early-stage company wants to hear is “just believe and you will achieve” – that is not going to help them build the next great company. 

At Soaked, we endeavor to offer concrete learnings and guided steps on how founders can improve their company. For example, when you read a Soaked article about hiring, you should be instantly able to take those learnings and improve your recruitment processes, sourcing, or onboarding.

No news, no noise, just company-building advice for the next generation of startups.

#2: From some of the best startup experts in the world

To ensure the company-building advice we share is sound, we consult world-class experts for our articles:

  • When we write about hiring, we ask the founders whose success stems from their hiring approach to share their playbook
  • When we write about marketing, we go to the CMOs of the biggest B2C companies such as Spotify and Zalando
  • When we write about deeptech funding, we consult some of the most well-known VC funds to ensure our content gives you the most relevant information.

#3: Specifically tailored to early-stage founders and founder hopefuls

Advice online for startups can consist of outdated management tips, optimal organizational restructures, or even managing your shareholders’ opinions. But how useful are these to those who are trying to get off the ground right now? How relevant are these when you have five months of runway to make your product function and keep your startup alive?

Soaked is specifically tailored for pre-P/M fit founders. We tend to avoid topics like scaling, middle management, or expansion. 

Our articles are for those currently in the weeds building the next big thing, those who need advice on taking the leap on the next big idea, and those who help these builders. 

So what are you waiting for? Dive into our content here.

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