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27pilots and Slush to launch Venture Client Track at Slush 2021

27pilots will launch their new Venture Client Track at Slush 2021 in Helsinki, kickstarting a new era of corporate venturing.

In the past decade, Slush has become the place for colliding Founders with whom and what they need, be it capital, advice, services, knowledge, or partnerships. At the same time, corporations have increasingly seen the value that the startup ecosystem can provide them. Still, the integration of startup services and innovations into corporations has been too slow. 27pilots cures this bottleneck by helping corporations utilize startups to gain a competitive advantage and connect top startups with the relevant corporate partners.  

Slush will be the first global startup conference in the world to present a dedicated Venture Client Track. The vision: bridge the gap between corporations and startups to foster mutual strategic benefits through the 27pilots venture client model. The track will consist of hands-on activities for both Founders and corporates, ranging from mentoring sessions and workshops to side events and panel discussions. 

The sessions will allow Founders to understand better:

  1. How to work together with corporates, 
  2. The role of corporate partners in the scaling process, and
  3. How to shape corporates to be better clients for startups.

Moreover, the Venture Client Track will educate corporations on how to establish startup partnerships and M&A activities effectively and at low risk. Positioning corporations as customers – rather than investors – will close the loop between Founders and venture capital firms.

Our core will always be helping founders forward. While funding remains to be the key issue to tackle, we want to help founders beyond that. Therefore, over the years, we have introduced concepts that help founders get hands-on mentoring or ramp up their hiring. Today we are happy to introduce even a deeper focus: to provide access to customers. The venture client model helps startups get customers, improve their products and get cash flow while the larger organizations can utilize new tools and technologies. Gregor Gimmy and the 27pilots team are pioneers in this field. Therefore, it’s natural for us to partner up with them.
Miika Huttunen, CEO, Slush


“The 27pilots team is extremely excited about this opportunity. For me, this partnership and endorsement of the Venture Client model by Slush is a dream come true. A major milestone for the Venture Client movement, and yet another piece of evidence that Slush is the most forward-thinking startup event. I very much appreciate that Slush is trusting 27pilots with such an ambitious partnership. Also, I am deeply enthusiastic about its CEO -Miika’s- personal belief in the Venture Client model. For 27pilots, Venture Client is a true paradigm shift in corporate venturing. Our aspiration is that the Venture Client model becomes part of the Slush paradigm shift.”
Gregor Gimmy, CEO, 27pilots.


More information:

Santeri Toivanen, Chief Marketing Officer, Slush. [email protected]

Sylvia Paersch, Manager Communications, 27pilots. [email protected]