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    Media accreditation

    Northern Europe is home to a large number of disruptive products and companies, ranging from Nokia to Linux, MySQL, Skype, Spotify, Supercell and Angry Birds. Slush is not only the top showcase of technology in the region, but also the largest investor event in Europe

    By registering you gain access to the following:

    • Media lounge. Access to our closed media lounge for interviews, writing and resting
    • In-depth information. Data on attendees at least two weeks prior to the event
    • Short-list. The who’s-who of top startups pre-screened by local serial entrepreneurs
    • Closed meetings area. Access to an exclusive meetings area with free refreshments
    • Personal service. Our team is at your disposal to help you around the clock

    Most importantly, accredited journalists gain access to the closed press event on November 12th (late afternoon), where you get an exclusive overview of the most interesting people, companies, product launches and other relevant events at Slush 2013. Following that, access to the invite-only opening to Slush 2013 hosted by the Mayor of Helsinki.

    Media pass: FREE (subject to accreditation)


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    Slush 2013 is sold out!

    We are amazed and overwhelmed. Six days before Slush, the event has been sold out. It is crazy to see how many people are as excited as we are! Put your name on our waiting list to be the first one to know if a final batch of tickets will go out for sale!

    Live streams from Slush stages are available during the event, so you won’t miss the speech you wanted to see.

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