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October 2, 2014 . Liina Hilkamo

46 days left until the doors to Slush 2014 open. We are honoured to get to meet great startups and work together with companies aiming to develop themselves with the help of small businesses.

One of our main partners this year, Samsung, wants to help young entrepreneurs. Samsung has several research and development centers around the world, including Finland, that are constantly looking for new technologies. “The pulse detector in for example Galaxy S5 is originally from a company called Firstbeat, based in Jyväskylä,” tells Marko Nurmela, Vice President of Communications and Marketing at Samsung Nordics.

“We will have up to 20 people from Samsung R&D UK (SRUK) attending the event from different teams.  During the event we will look for new trends and new technologies that we could implement on a wide range of time frame. We also seek to network with people for new concepts and ideas,” greets Steve Ki Byoung Park, the Head of SRUK. “We are mainly interested in technology driven start-ups with disruptive new technology that could, in collaboration, help put Samsung mobile, wearable devices and TV ahead of its competitors,” he says.

“The startup scene is boiling hot in the Nordics right now and what comes to new ideas, you could say that the Nordics is the new Silicon Valley. We believe that Slush and Samsung make a perfect match. Our corporate vision is ‘Inspire the World, Create the Future’, which goes well hand-in-hand with the aim of Slush,” comments Nurmela. “We have just launched a batch of new products, but who knows, we might have something new in mind for Slush, too,” he hints.



Another main partner of ours this year is Elisa. The large company provides telecommunications and web services for millions of people. For the past ten years, Elisa has launched numerous internal startups and furthermore, it is run by entrepreneurial people, many of whom have founded their own companies before.

Elisa has a great ability of scaling services quickly to large masses and thus wants to create value together with startups. “We are looking for solutions for both companies and consumers. We could definitely consider investing in solutions that help people benefit from digitality and mobility,” says Katiye Vuorela, the Executive Vice President, Communications of Elisa.

Reaktor, one of our key partners, started their seed investment arm, Reaktor Polte, in Slush 2012, where the founders spent two days talking to people and making contacts. Reaktor Polte is interested in companies with a high-quality software and digital service. “We are coming to Slush this year to meet companies and fellow investors. We are also looking for people who would like to work together with startups through Reaktor,” says Oskari Kettunen, Director, Business Development of Reaktor.

You can register as a company or get your Slush pass here.

Liina Hilkamo
Liina Hilkamo

Liina is the creative mind behind the social media of Slush. With her web of key sources she keeps the community updated about the most groundbreaking startup news.

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