It takes 20 hours to get here from San Francisco, but it’s totally worth it.

– Rich Wong, General Partner at Accel Partners (Forbes Midas List #24)


Scandinavia is home to a series of great companies, products and technologies such as the mobile phone, Linux, MySQL, Skype, Spotify and a booming gaming industry. An estimated 2000 startups are coming to SLUSH 2014, making it the only place on Earth where one can effortlessly browse through the entire tech scene of the region in just two days.

Every investor will receive an extensive dataset on all the participating startups weeks ahead of the event, as well access to the 400-seat meeting area at the very heart of the venue.

Just take a look at the top grossing chart and you understand why this region will be important for years to come.

Alex Norström, Spotify

Startup Demographics

In Slush 2013, over 700 companies were seeking for venture funding. We’ve tracked more than $146M in investments since.

Last year's investors

Last year’s event was attended by 118 international venture funds, who visit Helsinki in November for a reason. It could be for the great companies, or for the epic parties - we’re not sure.

Kevin Comolli

Accel Partners

Niklas Zennström


Ben Holmes

Index Ventures

Alex Ferrera

Bessemer Venture Partners


We’re expecting over 2000 startups to register for Slush by October 2014. Of these firms, roughly half will be looking for venture funding. Every registered company has to provide in-depth information on their business - for example: “what makes your team exceptional?” and “who are your most significant advisors, investors, customers and partners?”.

Registered investors will gain access to the database starting in August. You will be able to easily filter and process the information, and reach out to the companies directly. You can also pre-book meetings for Slush to our full-service meeting area. Our investor team is happy to help you with anything you need.

The investor services were great. We met twelve startups, invested in one, and are in talks with another. We’ve already booked the flights for 2014.

David Gardner, General Partner at London Venture Partners

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