Demo Booths

How can I get a Demo Booth for my company?

You can request to have a demo booth through startup registration. This year exhibitors will be selected on a rolling basis, and all of the companies requesting a booth will be contacted within a week after their request. Demo booths are priced at 1600 € per day, and it includes two company tickets. For early stage startups we offer the booth with discounted price of 900 € per day (incl. 2 company tickets).

Will the booths be the same both days?

No. Some companies (e.g. partners) will have a booth for both days but most of the booths will change.

How many demo booths will there be?

There will be over 250 companies presenting on demo booths this year.

When do I know if I got a demo booth for my company?

All of the companies requesting a demo booth will be contacted personally at within a week after their request.

Pitching Competition

What is a pitching competition?

In the Slush 100 pitching competition 100 companies will get to pitch on stage on the first day of Slush (Nov 11th). After the first day the twenty best companies will be selected for the semifinals on Wednesday morning. The best of the best (four companies) will continue to the finals held at the main stage on Wednesday afternoon.

How to attend the pitching competition?

If you are interested in participating in the pitching competition you need to apply to the competition through startup registration. The deadline for applications is October 9th, 2015. After the deadline we will review all applicants and select companies for the competition. All selected companies will be contacted personally in early November.

How are the companies selected for the pitching competition?

All companies applying to the pitching competition will be evaluated by a pool of international investors based on the information given in the registration form. Based on the evaluation, a jury of investors and the board of Slush will select the final 100 for the competition.

What are the pitching evaluation criteria?

Each pitch will be evaluated by a 5-member jury of investors and industry experts. The evaluation will be based on your product, market potential, gained traction, competence of your team and investment readiness. Remember that your success doesn’t only depend on how well you pitch!

What is the award for the pitching competition?

The award for the pitching competition will be revealed closer to the event.

When do I know if I got chosen to the pitching competition?

The deadline for applications is October 9th, 2015, and the final decisions are made after that by the jury. Selected companies will be contacted in early November.

When do I know my pitching time and place?

You will receive the information at the same time as you will receive confirmation of your participation to pitching competition.

Does everyone of my team attending Slush have to have a company ticket to enter the competition?

Yes, all the team members coming to Slush need to have company ticket.

Meeting Investors

How can I meet investors?

Registered startups that have been accepted and are looking for investor contacts and/or funding will be listed in Slush’s matchmaking tool. In the matchmaking tool investors are able to review accredited startups and suggest meetings with them prior to the event. Each company’s matchmaking profile will be created according to the information they submit in the registration form. Profiles can be edited by logging into the company’s own Slush account.

In the matchmaking tool, you can also proactively propose meetings with five investors of all those that have registered.

Ad-hoc meetings at Slush have also been popular in past years and can be easily arranged to the meeting area. Last year we had over 750 investors, so you can just look for the right guys based on their identification badge! There are naturally some hubs where the investors will roam (close to the meeting area might not be a bad idea!).

Roundtable discussions

Roundtable discussions are 45-min sessions gathering 8 startups and one host to share experiences and advices in an intimate session. All hosts are successful serial entrepreneurs or top-tier international investors, who want to give back to the global startup community. The topics of the discussions cover everything from building a team and raising funding to internationalization and exit. Roundtables will be held on both days (November 11th and 12th) between 10am and 5pm at the Slush venue. They are meant for invited startups and hosts (investors, speakers).

Recruiting Opportunities

Registered startups have the opportunity to create a job advertisement, which will be displayed at the Slush website before and during the event. Startups can create job ads through their own profile after logging into the profile & matchmaking tool.


Is there a deadline for editing company profiles at the Slush website?

There is no deadline for editing your company information. You may edit the info before and during the event as well.