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11+4 Lessons Learned from Gaming Companies

November 13, 2013.Liina Hilkamo

Hey startups, these 15 tips were shared today at the Black Stage and they are really worth checking out! Here we go, read and learn:

1. Listen to the right advices. Advices are mostly opinions based on that person’s experience.

”Listen and then evaluate. Is that advice meant for you?”

Jukka Laakso, Co-founder & CEO of Rival Games


2. Make sure your founding team is well balanced.

”It’s not enough to have a talented team, you have to make sure that the team composition works as well. Identify if you have any gaps in skills and knowledge.”

Markus Halttunen, Co-founder & CTO of Small Giant Games


3. Always raise enough money for the next level while still playing through the current one.

”You might be interesting later on, even though you wouldn’t be right now. So build a story of what you need now, in a year, in five years and so on.”

Tiina Zilliacus, Founder & CEO of Gajatri Studios


5. Choose the most autonomous people you can to work with.

”There is raw talent, but that doesn’t necssarily mean that you want to work with that person. You want someone who is both talented and can work on his/her own.”

Sami Anttila, CTO & Chairman of Tuliotus


6. With a small team you need to focus almost exclusively on product.

”Make sure you have something to show.”

Antti Stén, Founder & CEO of Boomlagoon


7. Blue ocean strategy really works!

”When you’re doing something completely different from anything else, it usually polarizes people.”

Lasse Seppänen, Co-founder & CEO of PlayRaven


8. I know very little about anything, and the more I learn, the more aware I am about how ignorant I am.

”I actually regret what i said earlier. My new lesson learned is: ”Now is the time to start your own company! You can do it on the Internet and it takes like 15 minutes.”

Pauli Jutila, CEO of Headnought


9. Time is your true enemy.

”You have to pick your fights, you have to pick your focus.”

Jani Pääjärvi, Co-founder & CEO of Fat Lemon Entertainment


10. Say ‘no’ to most things. 

“You’re more likely to be killed by lack of focus than your competition.”

Jukka Laakso, Co-founder & CEO of Rival Games


11. Players will constantly defy coventions so don’t be afraid to adjust!

”You don’t have to want to build another Clash of Clans (nothing wrong with Clash of Clans, though.) Don’t be afraid to believe that players don’t know what they want.”

Daniel McLaren, CCO at SongHi Entertainment


And the extras? Aki Järvilehto and Kristian Segerstråle came to the scene as well to share their own tips!


12. Focus, focus focus!

”Be focused in everything you do”

13. Be the best.

”Aim to be number 1, don’t just compete. Ambition attracts ambitious people.”

Aki Järvilehto, Game Industry Executive


14. Keep learning.

”Every lesson is time-sensitive.”

15. Build a community.

”You get much more out of working together with you competitors.”

Kristian Segerstråle, Co-founder & Partner at Initial Capital

Liina Hilkamo
Liina Hilkamo

Liina is the creative mind behind the social media of Slush. With her web of key sources she keeps the community updated about the most groundbreaking startup news.

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